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Providing products & solutions to the marine industry since 1964! 

Providing products & solutions to the marine industry since 1964!Since 1964, MER Equipment has been specializing in the custom building of Isuzu, Kubota, Cummins, John Deere and Yanmar Marine Generators. In fact, our marine equipment and parts inventory are one of the largest on the West Coast. Our generator packages are built to withstand some of the toughest conditions from the Arctic Slope to the shores of Hawaii.

We build for commercial applications such as Fishing and Tug boat fleets along with residential and commercial buildings. Either on deck or mounted in your engine room or on top of your building, We build a reliable package for whatever your critical needs call for. We put more copper and steel in our generator packages to start larger electric motors for refrigeration and hydraulic systems. Because they are more efficient, they require less horsepower per kW of electricity produced and due to the electrical efficiency, they burn less fuel. It costs a bit more to build them that way, but the fuel savings alone will offset the added costs.

We've had years of training and practice with applications.  Putting the right engine to the task is what we do.  It's not in your best interest or ours to choose the wrong engine for the application.  It's our goal to make it quieter, last longer, minimize the vibration, and reduce exhaust and intake noise.  We make them easier to maintain and more pleasant to live with.

That's our mission - to build you the most efficient, reliable, longest lasting generator or propulsion unit.


"In 2013 we replaced our old detroit diesel mains with twin John Deere 6090s from MER and we couldn't be happier. The efficiency of the Deeres combined with the SCOR system saved us 30% over the course of a year! That says a lot for a boat that works 365 days a year. MER's service department was professional to work with and were instrumental in the removal and replacement of our Jimmies. We're very pleased with the result and will continue to work with MER on future projects."

John Farris
Herron Island Ferry Captain
Herron Island, WA