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MER Engine Classes

The classes are designed specifically for companies and individuals who own or maintain the specific family of engines that will be discussed. This course is engine specific and is designed to increase the profitability of companies by decreasing engine related downtime and catastrophic failure.  The class will be a hands-on learning experience, taught using actual engine components and drawings to help you identify and feel comfortable with your engine and its components.  We will cover the routine maintenance requirements of the engine from 0 to 25000 hours as well as basic engine diagnostics and testing including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Basic Engine
  2. Fuel System
  3. Cooling System
  4. Lubrication System
  5. Electrical System
  6. Exhaust

Some classes are more focused on a beginner base such as the Small Yanmar Class. Other classes require a good working knowledge of diesel engine and its components, and will be more in depth than the basic maintenance class. If you have any questions or comments on the classes please don't hesitate to call the MER Service Department.


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