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Marine Electrical Services

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Electrical Design (Ships/Boats)

MER electrical designs meet, or exceed NEC, ABYC, USCG, ABS, DNV, CFR, and BV standards for technical specification and workmanship. We use AutoCAD and 3D CAD software (SolidWorks) to document finished designs, and as "working drawings" for our technical specialists to use while in the field. Reverse-engineering is often necessary when faced with a project that does not have any, or only partial documentation and drawings. As-built drawings are often required for the completion of projects, and we are usually required to submit drawings as part of the initial process of receiving approval from authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) for new-build projects.

Motors & Motor Control

MER uses Baldor and ABB motors and motor controllers because of their reliability and robust design. We can specify the correct motor for any application and ensure that the control, and power circuit for that motor will provide the critical reliability that is demanded by all of our customers in the commercial marine industry, and all others who appreciate the extra steps and hard-core attitude we take towards the reliability, redundancy and workmanship we apply to all projects. Soft-Start motor controllers are becoming ever-more popular with commercial fishing operations for many reasons, but specifically in designs where the power available (generator SKVA capacity) is limited, and the motor starting requirement (Motor LRA) is toward the upper limit of that envelope. In this regard a soft-start motor controller will greatly reduce the high in-rush currents during motor starting by using SCR technology to "ramp-up” the power and bring the motor to full RPM in a very smooth and fully adjustable way.

Power & Distribution

MER uses Marine Grade circuit protection, wires, and cables in all of our designs and installations. We work closely with OEM's like ABB, Square D, and Eaton (Cutler Hammer) to ensure that all considerations and specifications, quality and reliability are met. By partnering with other elite specialists and OEM's, MER can design, install, and maintain a robust electrical system like those found on the most sophisticated commercial marine vessels, all the way to other side of that spectrum; the independently operated commercial fishing boat who is only interested in the most simple and bullet-proof system they can get. You name it, and we'll build it for you.

Surveys (Electrical)

The Electrical Survey is perhaps the single most important step in planning an electrical project onboard your ship. An Electrical Survey can save thousands of dollars and countless hours of expensive down-time. It is important to know what the present situation is so that the most cost-effective solution can be planned, and there is no better way to do that than to have an MER specialist conduct an Electrical Survey of your ship.


The effective troubleshooting of MER's technicians and electricians comes from several decades of combined experience. A commercial marine electrical system can be as simple as a battery used for starting a propulsion engine, to parallel operation of several generators on a common bus. There is no substitute for experience, and there is no substitute for theoretical knowledge, either. At MER we have both, and we bring them to every job along with the sophisticated tools and equipment to face any problem. If there is something on your boat that uses electricity to function then we can troubleshoot it, and yes, that includes your RADAR and Autopilot, even though we don't generally advertise it. Our Chief Electrician has over 20 years of commercial marine electrical and electronics experience and he is a licensed EL01 General Journeyman Electrician (Registered with the Department of L&I) as well as an FCC licensed electronics technician with at-sea and shipyard experience.

Showing services 1 through 10 of 8