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Marine Diesel Engine & Generator Services

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On-Site Oil Service
Let us come to your vessel for oil changes, diesel engine tune up, gas engine tune up and a complete inspection of your external components.
Oil Analysis
Oil analysis is a critical step in proactive engine maintenance and is overlooked far too often. MER Equipment provides a comprehensive oil analysis service that allows you to see what contaminants are in your oil, identify issues before they happen, and track your progress along the way. For more information on our oil analysis service contact our service department today!
Tags: Engine Oil | Transmission Oil | Hydraulic Oil | SCOR Sea Change Oil Regeneration
Torsional Vibration Analysis
Destructive torsional vibration occurs when different pieces of rotating equipment don't get along. When designing or building a piece of engine driven equipment, it's important to consider the torsional properties of the different components being joined. Failing to account for these internal forces can lead to rattling, excessive noise, poor performance, and even catastrophic failure.
Fortunately, hazardous frequencies can be identified through a TVA, and engine systems can be tuned to keep their frequency a safe distance from the preferred speed of the engine.
Our TVA testing will help optimize design and will also identify the engine speeds to avoid, protecting engine components from harmful frequencies and ensuring years of reliable performance.
Showing services 1 through 10 of 8