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Volume 19 Fall 2016 (PDF 5MB)

  • A New Bollard For The Bering Star
  • SeaDrive Development Update
    - New Engineers - Cummins 5.9, 6.7, 8.3, 9.0 & Scania DI13
  • MER Genset Triple Threat
    - Bollard, Iron, and now Load Master
  • Pacific Marine Expo 2016
    - What to Expect & MER Spreads It's Wings
  • Technical Bulletin
    - How Generator Winding Temperatures Effect Your Bottom Line
  • From The Captain
    - Buckwheat in 1969


Volume 18 Fall 2014 (PDF 5MB)

  • PWSAC Parallels Bollard IG100s
  • Featured Product
    - SeaFire NANO, DELTA I, DELTA II & GAMMA Series
  • MER Training Classes
  • A New Home For MER
    - Reaching New Heights
  • Pacific Marine Expo 2014
    - What to Expect & Open House / Garage Sale
  • Generator Paralleling Simplified
    - New Tech Makes Paralleling Simpler & More Cost Effective
  • From The Captain
    - The Powerful Man With Kind Eyes


Volume 17 Spring 2014 (PDF 4MB)

  • Steve Fish's Kariel Repowered by MER
  • Featured Product
    - SeaDrive Power Take Off
  • MER Training Classes
  • What is Bollard?
    - 50 Years In The Making
  • People You Need To Know
    - Damian Clarke & Michael Hudson
  • Destructive Vibration & Natural Frequencies
    - Understanding Torsional Vibration & The Importance of TVA
  • From The Founder
    - Passing the Torch


Volume 16 Fall 2012 (PDF 7MB)

  • Feadship Centinela IV Repowers
  • Featured Products
  • MER Training Classes
  • Boat Owner's Tool Box
  • The Right And Wrong Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Generator
  • From The Founder: The End Of Traps & Beginning of a New Era In Kodiak Fisheries

Volume 15 Fall 2011 (PDF 5MB)

  • Alaska Northern Outfitters: Sea Quest Repower
  • Products We Recommend
  • Oil Analysis, Your Canary In The Coal Mine
  • Boat Owner's Tool Box
  • From The Founder: Slim The Fireman, Part II

Volume 14 Fall 2010 (PDF 5MB)

  • Diesel Technology Time Travel: Repowering the M/Y Discovery
  • Recommended Products By MER
  • Vendor's We Love
  • Ron's Tips For Getting Home Safe
  • From The Founder of MER

Volume 13 Fall 2009 (PDF 5MB)

  • MER's Newest, Biggest Isuzu - 6WG1 505-671 HP, 6 CYL, 16 L
  • 6WG1 Fuel Economy - The Proof is in the Repower
  • Shooting Trouble CORROSION - HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS, Fuel Lubricity Revisited - ULSD FUEL
  • MER's Marine-Service Training for Customers

Volume 12 Fall 2008 (PDF 3MB)

  •  AC Generator Troubleshooting Part 3
  • Lima MAC Generators, As used on the MER Beagle Series
  • Sound of Silence; The F.V. Mytilus, Twin Deere 6081 Engines using EM Marine Silencers
  • The M.Y. Sarah Elizabeth Banks, From Coal Fired To Diesel, with Two New Deere 4045 Diesels And ZF Marine Transmissions
  • Intro 101 Engine Pre-Lubers and Oi Pressure Acumulators
  • The MER Survival Fridays Blog Introduction
  • Ivan Fox Remembers;  "The Sad Tale of The Deep Sea", Part 2

Volume 11, Spring 2008 (PDF 812 kb)

  • AC Generator Troubleshooting Part 2
  • PMG Generators
  • F/V Kristiana and Their New MER Beagle Series 27 Marine Generator
  • Preventing Corrosion-Zincs-Size Does Matter
  • Magnetic Pick-up Engine Speed Sensors, Installation, Adjustments, Testing And Maintenance.
  • Ivan Fox recalls "The Sad Tale Of The Deep Sea", Part 1
Volume 10 Fall 2007 (PDF 812 kb)
  • AC Generator Troubleshooting, Part 1
  • Automatic Voltage Regulators
  • Tips To Prevent Marine Corrosion And Erosion
  • Important Supplemental Cooling Additives
  • High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System Do's-and-Don'ts
  • Common Rail Safety Considerations
  • Ivan Fox Remembers; Saving the "Logger", Part 2
Volume 9 Spring 2007 (PDF 794 kb)
  • Marine Cooling System Maintenance Tips
  • Penn Cove Muscle Barges Team Up With John Deere Marine
  • Ultra Low Exhaust Emissions and the Yanmar BW Series Engines
  • John Deere Marine On-line Parts Store
  • Care and Protection of Electronically Controlled Engines and Their ECUs.
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: The Day the Logger Sank Off Of Raspberry Island 
Volume 8 Fall 2006 (PDF 1.17mb)
  • Stray Current and Hot Harbors-Electrolysis and Corrosion, Why You Need an Isolation Transformer
  • Galvanic Corrosion and the Nobility Scale of Metals
  • How to Test For Stray Electrical Current in Cooling Systems
  • Meet Herb Knight, Our New Service Manager
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: Bill Hingston 
Volume 7 Spring 2006 (PDF 1.00mb)
  • The New John Deere Marine Engines
  • MER Announces the New Beagle Series Generators in the 20-45 Kw Range
  • Meet Dave Walker MER Sales Manager
  • Test for the Presence of Fuel in the Lube Oil
  • Generator Maintenance; Water and Dirt Contamination
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: Power Scows 
Volume 6 Fall 2005 (PDF 1.46mb)
  • Brushless Generator Anatomy, Nomenclature and Troubleshooting
  • Re-powering the 47' FV American Pie: Replacing An 8V-92 With A John Deere 6125 Marine Engine
  • Anatomy of a Generator's Excitation Anatomy
  • Re-powering the FV Aleution: Replacing the 8V-71 with a John Deere 6125 Marine Engine
  • Fuel Saving Generators and Engines That Pay For Themselves
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: Kodiak Salmon Traps 
Volume 5 Spring 2005 (PDF 1.69mb)
  • The Tango Gets a Pair of John Deere Marine 6068SFM John Deeres Rated At 267 HP
  • Marine Engine Coolant Maintenance and Additives
  • Bio-diesel Do's and Don'ts
  • The Pros and Cons of Bio-diesel In Marine Applications
  • Bio-diesel and Lubricity
  • Meet Bob Allen MER President
  • Why Do Cylinder Liners Develop Pitting?
  • The Importance of Cooling System Pressure Caps
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: The Fish Trap Days  
Volume 4 Fall 2004 (2.53mb)
  • The FV Pioneer and Her MER 25kW Generator-Still Running Strong At 36,000 Hours
  • Mark Lundsten and the Ranger 9 Get A New John Deere Marine 6068 Main Engine Rated At 201 HP
  • Diesel Engine Failure: 70% of All Failures Begin in the Cooling System!
  • Fuel Lubricity and the New Low Sulfur Fuels
  • Meet Ron Quinlan, MER Production Foreman With MER For 30 Years!
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: The Alaskan Earthquake/Tsunami Of 1964 
Volume 3 Summer 2004 (PDF 1.21mb)
  • FV Exceller Gets A Custom and Very Quiet Exhaust System
  • Marine Transmission Oil Coolers, Care And Maintenance; What Makes Them Live Or Die?
  • John Deere Marine Spare Parts Kits
  • Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP), What It Means and How To Calculate
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: The Alaskan Earthquake/Tsunami Of 1964 
Volume 2 Spring 2004 (PDF 1.40mb)
  • The MER 20kW Generator Set on the FV Pacific Dawn-24,000 Hours and Counting!
  • Introducing John Deere Marine Generator Sets In The 20-40kW Range.
  • Heads-up for Tier II Engine Emission Standards!
  • How to Test Generator Diodes with Your Multimeter
  • Understanding Motor Starting Generators
  • The New Cowl M-Series Exhaust Silencer
  • Meet the MER Parts Experts
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: Early Navigation Aids, a Lead Line and a Compass
Volume 1 Fall 2003 (PDF 740kb)
  • Bob Dolan Gets Our First Deere Marine Engine: Nothing Runs Like A Deere!
  • Hurth and ZF Marine Transmission Cross Reference
  • Meet Mike Hoyt, MER General Manager
  • Noise and the Decibel Scale-Building A Quiet Marine Exhaust System
  • Engine Troubleshooting-Exhaust Smoke Analysis
  • MER C240-20kW on the 48' Delta Freedom
  • Ivan Fox Remembers: Early Isuzu Diesels and Cheap Fuel