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Our Mechanics use this list to ensure your equipment is ready for the season. They check all fluid levels, and record model and serial numbers for entry in the MER database, and then completely survey your equipment as described here. The engine systems checklist includes visually checking the oil filter (S), finding which oil is used. Oil sampling is also available.

The equipment is checked for external leaks. The throttle and transmission linkages are checked. The exhaust system, including the flex and exhaust manifold are checked. Bolt tightness is tested and Thermo Blankets are examined. Cooling system checks include the fresh and raw water pumps, the sea strainer, coolant level, belt tension, and even pulley condition.

Antifreeze protection is verified, hoses, clamps, zincs, and the pressure cap are thoroughly looked over.  Next is the intake air system. Further checks include the engine mounts, a compression test, alignment check, alternator connections -w/grounding, isolation or battery switch, wire harness & plugs, mag pickup, battery condition, battery terminals, and cable connections.

If so equipped, they will also check spark plugs, cap, rotor, distributor, points, starter relay, glow plugs-and relay, ignition switch, instruments/gauges, and safety shutdown operation. On generator sets, they check the transfer switch, the rear bearing and the voltage regulator. For full details, click to open the PDF document below.