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The MER Engineering Department has come up with some of the highest quality marine and industrial enclosures on the market. These enclosures have taken countless hours to design with ventilation and sound deadening being the highest priority. All of the access panels have been carefully considered to ensure ease of service and inspection. These units can be designed to a specific package so that they are compact and will have a streamlined appearance after installation. Size, color, shape, latches, locks and so forth are all at the customer’s request. If you would like this unit paint matched to the install location, all you have to do is ask. Please contact the Sales Department or Engineering Department with further details.

MER now carries E-Z Form industrial. The product maintains extreme flexibility while retaining full-flow performance. This hose is used where formed hoses were once required because conventional industrial hose products were not able to bend tightly enough without kinking.  We find that E-Z form hoses cost a lot less than the pre-formed hose  you can't find!

The Penray Need-Release extended service coolant filter responds to coolant condition and releases the exact amount of buffering additive necessary to protect your colling system. It is designed to last approximately 3,000 operating hours, to help eliminate coolant related problems. The Penray system is compatible with most coolants and is now available at MER Equiment. For more information, contact Brian Guinn:

The MER-made Marine Generator combines a direct driven, 1800 RPM, brushless, continuous duty alternator and MER-made Marine Diesel engine in a generator system manufactured & load tested to the strictest quality standards. The MER Generator is designed and built in the USA specifically for the rugged conditions of commercial use. The expected time between overhauls on the MER packaged generator set is 20 to 50 thousand hours. 
We are available toll free from anywhere in North America! We're on call 24 hours a day for same day shipping, worldwide.
Shown with MER's water cooled marine manifold, belt guard and base frame and coupled to a 35KW Marathon Generator.

Around the world, the MER name has become synonomous with dependable, fuel efficient, maintenance free diesel power. MER has been building generator sets for the fishermen, contractors, and processors of the west coast since 1964. Our generators are built to withstand the tests of time and heavy use. Talk to an owner of our products. Ask him about our gensets and our after sales services and then call us.