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Transmission Drive Plates

Getting the Right Marine Transmission Drive Plate for Your Boat

  1. Measure the outside diameter of the drive plate.
  2. Measure the diameter of the retaining bolt "circle.
  3. Measure and count the number of bolt holes.
  4. Measure the outside diameter of the transmission shaft.
  5. Count the splines on the shaft-twice!
  6. Measure the thickness of the old drive plate, including the center hub, but excluding any raised areas or rivet heads on the flywheel side of the plate. If the new disc is thicker than the old one (A), the trans. may not bolt up properly. If the new disc is thinner than the old one (B), the trans shaft may not reach the full depth of splines.
  7. Check for the original part number on the old plate. This can help your parts person get the right spring tension, or in the case of an elastomer style, the old number will help you get the right durometer rating.
  8. Finally,check for a directional arrow.

Download Trainsmission Drive Plate PDF