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Custom Enclosures

The MER Method

MER builds the highest quality marine and industrial enclosures on the market. Whether your fishing on the Bering sea or relaxing on a yacht all enclosures have two things in common, they must be silent and easy to live with. For this reason we've take a completely different approach to enclosures. We build them custom; specifically to meet the needs of each engine, working environment, and client. It takes a little more time and they are a little more expensive to make, but the end result is worth it.

These aren't just any run of the mill enclosure, these are premium marine and industrial grade enclosures tailored for you or your business.

Design & Engineering

We use state of the art CAD software to design and perfect each enclosure we make. This allows us to solve for any unseen flaws in our design as well as test the strength, sound, and thermal properties of each enclosure before it's made. Improving accuracy and making the final product a much higher quality. Each enclosure is designed with strength, ventilation, and sound attenuation as the highest priority. All of the access panels are precision made, using CNC laser or water-jet technology, out of heavy gauge steel or aluminum (at your request). Each panel is filled with mass loaded sound dampening foam to ensure quiet operation. Panel sizes and placement are carefully considered to ensure ease of service and inspection. We use NASA grade exhaust thimbles and premium exhaust blankets to drastically reduce the heat in the enclosure.

The Small Things Matter

These units are designed to unique customer specifications so that they are the right size and will have a streamlined appearance after installation. Size, color, shape, latches, locks, fittings and so forth are all at the customer's request. If you would like this unit paint matched to the install location, all you have to do is ask.

If you have any questions or are interested in getting one, contact us at 1.800.777.0714 or email us at

If you live or are in the Seattle area, feel free to drop by and get a hands on look at what were capable of!