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GlenDinning Controls

John Deere GlenDinning Controls

John Deere continues to show why recreational and commercial boat owners have been relying on John Deere engines for more than 30 years.

Offering the most complete electronic engine controls package available in the industry, John Deere has teamed up with Glendinning's Complete Controls™ for the ultimate in electronic engine propulsion control.

John Deere GlenDinning Control Highlights:

  • Plug and Play — no initial calibration required
  • Single lever control - at up to 6 stations
  • "Posi-lock" gear lockout capability
  • Selectable station transfer methods
  • Station lockout capability
  • Adjustable configuration settings for operator preference
  • Control head keypad lights dimmer
  • Dual battery input
  • Connects direct to engine transition harness
  • CANbus technology simplifies wiring and installation
  • Optional trolling valve operation capability
  • Optional gear / throttle backup
  • Optional handheld remote control station
  • Optional sidemount "palm beach" style station
Item Number Control Price
11235-P Control Processor Unit See below
11415-C Control Station; Topmount w/ Keypad See below
11600-02-20 Control Station Connection Cable; 20' See below
11600-TRF Terminating Resisters; Female See below
11601-01 Harness Kit- Powe Supply; 30' See below
11605-xx-xx Harness Kit- John Deere Engine Interface See below

Please contact us at 1-800-777-0714 to order.

GlenDinning Controls