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SCOR Oil Regeneration Systems

MER's Sea Change Oil Regeneration System

(SCOR) is a high-efficiency multistage bypass filtering system designed to remove solid, liquid, and gaseous contaminants from engine or hydraulic oil before they can accumulate and cause damage. Working in conjunction with the O.E.M. full flow filter, the SCOR system is constantly removing these contaminants and replenishing base additives (engine oil only) and maximizing the life of your engine or hydraulic equipment. By enabling continuously clean oil to circulate through your equipment, the system allows oil to do its job, providing optimum lubricating, cooling and sealing performance.

Contrary to popular belief, oil does not break down or wear out. It gets dirty. . .in the past, oil has needed to be replaced regularly as it becomes contaminated and, in the case of engine oil, loses vital additives over a relatively short period of time. By keeping the oil clean and the base additives in check, oil will remain in good shape significantly longer; additionally, through consistent oil sampling and analysis, will safely extend oil drain intervals.

Regular oil sampling will confirm the oil is good for continued use.
The SCOR oil filtration system is the only bypass system which addresses:
1. Removal of solid contaminants to below one micron
2. Removal of liquid and gaseous contaminants
3. Replenishment of additives to properly

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