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A History of Service

MER Equipment, originally "Marine Engine & Repair", has a vast heritage in servicing marine diesel engines and generators. We got our start indirectly the result of the largest earthquake ever recorded in Alaska, 9.2 on the Richter scale. Ivan fox, our Founder, was at the time in charge of Alaska Salmon production for new England Fish Co. After the earthquake and the resulting Tsunami, much of the fleet and processing capacity was severely damaged. Ivan and his crew worked tirelessly the spring of 1964 to salvage the salmon season. Even to the extent of having to raise the floor in his own remote cannery in Uganik by 4 feet. The earthquake actually lowered the ocean floor under his cannery, causing his warehouse and processing floor to flood during high tides. Hundreds of boats were swamped and millions of dollars of equipment had to be rebuilt in short order to make the summer deadline. Ivan and his port engineer, Larry Schusted, opened up shop in Ballard (Seattle, WA) to rebuild the marine engine and equipment damaged in the flood. The season was saved and Ivan's commitment to the fleet made him a trusted, reliable, parts and engine supplier to the fishing and work boat fleet for Alaska.

Our motto since that time has been "to help in any way we can, to be on call during the fishing season 24/7, to ship parts and offer assistance in any way possible to keep the fleet in operation." That commitment has been passed down to a second and third generation. To build the products that make life a little easier on a work-boat; to share the load. Our ownership is made up of fisherman and work boat operators. We don't build anything we wouldn't put in our own boats, and we work hard to make them worthy of yours.